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Junty Team Building-Buddha blessing in Wutai Mountain

JUNTY held two team building activities in May 2017:

Junty Industries

1."Cheng Du" Trip from May 14th-17th

JUNTY members visited Jinli and Wuhou Ci right after arriving to Cheng Du, and we tried the local specialty "Hotpot" to experience its spicy and hot. On the second day, we visited a very famous water conservancy project "Dujiangyan Irrigation System" and "Mount Qingcheng" which is the origin of Taoism. After dinner, we shared our feelings about work and life. Everyone had achieved a lot by working for JUNTY and we believe JUNTY will have a bright future.

Junty Industries

2."Ning Bo - Zhou Shan" Trip from May 21th -23rd

JUNTY members visited "Mount Xuedou", "Mount Putuo" and "Former Residence of Chiang Kai-shek". After Dinner, we discussed about how to improve daily work and cooperation with other colleagues. VP Mrs. Liu shared her thoughts about how to understand "love others" and pointed out that only good relationships between people can save today's society and company.

These two activities have strengthened our trust and friendship with other JUNTY members. We believe that we will all be better if we hold a thankful heart.