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Celebrating JUNTY’s 15th Year Anniversary Ceremony

Junty held its 15th anniversary ceremony in Yu Jing Shan Zhuang, Chang Ping district, Beijing on 16th.Jan. 2015. In the annual meeting, we summarized all jobs in year 2014 and made plan for 2015.

To start with, Vice GM Ms. Liu Ying reviewed the jobs in 2014, affirmed the achievement made by staff of JUNTY including business in Mechanical Seals, Rotary Union and Environment Protection three business sections in JUNTY, especially for business of rotary union. Then Ms. Liu Ying leaded all staff to review history of JUNTY’s growth in the past 15 years and triggered much good and previous memory.

Then, GM Mr. Deng Yuan sent his gratitude toward the effort of all staff in JUNTY. Also, he shared four questions with staff: “Why should we work together?” ; “What we will do?”  “What requirement for staff and expectation from JUNTY?” ; “What JUNTY will provide to staff?”. Subsequently, Mr. Deng Yuan illustrated the core value of JUNTY that is moving forward together, realizing value of enterprise and sharing value of enterprise. It made though-provoking effect for everyone. 

Furthermore, Mr. Deng Yuan pointed out that “management informatization, set up of US branch, internal innovation and development of energy saving and environment protection industry” are dynamics of JUNTY’s next job. Lastly, Mr. Deng Yuan issued new expectation for job in 2015 which is encouragement also stimulus.

All manager, director and staff made the job report respectively.

In order to honor the staff made great contribution, JUNTY set two rewards with name of “advanced staff” and “business star” for 5 staffs. It encouraged staff fully and everyone wants to get this reward in new year of 2015 under their personal effort.

After banquet, we performed splendid programs and set up exciting lottery activity which was full of applause, laughing…

Next morning, we joined GOLF activity, and made one competition.

We held the barbecue activity for lunch in 17th, in workshop. To be noticeable, all raw materials were prepared by us. Everyone enjoyed this time of DIY work. 

The lathe operators also sent small gift totally processed by lathe. Then, Mr. Xu HuaiYu accompanied us to visit workshop and made thorough interpretation particularly for feature and operation of each equipment in the workshop.

Lastly, we finished all activities for this meeting and returned. The 15th annual meeting was concluded successfully with a joyful atmosphere.