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Junty (Beijing) warmly hosts 2014 annual meeting

On January 18th, 2014, the Junty warmly hosted its 2014 annual meeting in the conference hall of the Beijing peony Hotel. All work did in 2013 were summarized during the conference. The working direction and goal for the coming New Year had also been planned and set up.

In the conference, the vice general manager Liu Ying firstly gave a speech and carefully reviewed the work did in the past whole year. She completely affirmed everyone’s work and especially praised the employees who showed better performance. At the same time, she pointed out and corrected the problems existed in both the company’s management system and teamwork.

After that, the general manager Deng Yuan gave a speech. At first he showed great appreciation to all employees’ work for the year 2013. Then Mr. Deng requested to put the team building to be a critically important thing to do this year. The company’s employment principle is the combination of “integrity, diligence, capability”. He pointed out that the business flow and management principles of the company should be continuously improved. Additionally, the company was supposed to provide the efficient training to all employees on technical skills and mind constructions, as well as encouraged them to actively get involved in all kinds of company activities, to provide solutions and to grow with the company. Mr. Deng particularly emphasized that the company not only needed to help its traditional business step onto a higher level, but should try to widen the business field development, strive for self-owned technology, and focus on environmental protection industry as well. In the end, Mr. Deng indicated that both company and individual employee were supposed to actively take part in the public utilities and provide necessary help to people who need it in the society.

All managers and supervisors reported the work did by the respective departments which they were in charge of. The afternoon conference was particularly arranged to give employees chances to share their living experience, the culture of their hometowns and so on.

The conference was followed by the collective dinner, during which the managers and employees interacted intimately. The exciting lottery draw and competitive game were included. Surrounded by the song, applause and cheer poppling in the room, this annual conference ended satisfactorily in the harmonious, warm, and cheerful atmosphere.

Directed by the Junty’s entrepreneurship “Bi Lu Lan Lv, Yi Qi Jun Tian”, we went through the year 2013, which was destined to be an unordinary year in the history of Junty as well as a special year since the company faced the complicated economic situation inside and outside of China. Though the overall business of Junty was stable in 2013, the growth rate had slowed down. However, this obstacle could also be seen as an opportunity, and everyone had completely realized the problems existed in the process of development, which set up a solid foundation for further advancement and innovation in both directions and ideas for business expansion.

In this conference, the work did in 2013 had been summarized; the growing history and primary work of the company had been reviewed; the macroeconomic trend as well as the operation management inside the company had been deeply analyzed; all types of work for the coming year 2014 had been studied and arranged. All made this conference to be a significant one that connects past and future with transformation and upgrading.

Looking forward to 2014, let us overcome the obstacles at a new starting point and create another splendid success for Junty (Beijing) together with confidence, courage, and hard work!