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Junty Industries, Ltd. Climbed Mountain Song

Junty Industries, Ltd. Climbed Mountain Song
---Elevation:2198.388 meters

The morning in July 12, 2013, all employees of Junty Industries started their journey to Mountain Song under the leadership of the general manager.

Unity, scaled new heights is the slogan of the activity. It seemed that the enthusiasm of all staff was so strong that the sun also bloomed a big smile to welcome us, which was so different from the weather of the past two weeks.

Arranging the activity in hot early summer, the company on one hand desired to enrich employees’ leisure life, relax them, promoted feelings between each other. On the other hand, the company hoped that all staff could temper their willpower, so that work objectives would be well finished this year.

The Mountain Song also calls Mountain HaiTuo. Being the highest mountain to the north of Beijing, with altitude of 2198.388 meters and high difficulty to climb, it located in the junction of Beijing Yanqing County and Hebei province. The company leaders had directed the staff to make enough preparation, and unified purchase food and climbing equipment for them. All of us were divided into five teams, with each team a team pennant so that management and coordination would be convenient. Helping each other within the team and between teams was also required such that no one would be dropped before we climb to the top together.

We talked and laughed all along the trip from the company to the climbing area, which was as long as 3 hours but felt like a moment.  At 10:30 am, we arrived at a village right in the foothills. After sorting out the food and equipment, five teams, more than 30 people, set out towards the mountain top.

The beginning a few kilometers mountain road was gentle to climb. We found ourselves beside a small creed and decided have our lunch right there. So, with the blue sky and white clouds above us, we enjoyed our food and shared encourage with team members.

After the rest at noon, the following mountain road became more precipitous and hard to climb. Naturally, the climbing and advancing became more difficult and team members had to get help from the alpenstock and even branches around the road more frequently. Since the rain the night before, the road is slippery, which brought more challenge to our physical strength as well as willpower. One hour slow advancing like this, we all felt tired and even exhausted, yet nobody gave up. We told ourselves that where there is a will, there is a way. We breathed the fresh air with faint taste of grass and felt it actually kind of enjoyable. We innervated, we persisted. 
A singing raised up around us: Nothing can stop you yearning for freedom.  Your heart has no worries in the unrestrained career. You have also felt helpless through the dark years. The road under your foot was found when you recognized life and accept yourself. The free world in your mind is so clear and lofty, and Blue Lotus never withers bloom there.

 For the desire to climb to the mountain peak and the blue lotus never withers in mind, we continued to climb. 

Finally, we made ourselves there, out of the pinewood, close to the clouds, wind of the mountain top. We couldn’t help ourselves to open our arms, let the gale blow our clothes, felt like flying in the sky. We yelled in the wind, we dropped the backpack, we run at the peak ground. All staff of Junty stand there, 2198.388 meters mountain top, it belongs to us that day. 

 Right in the lawn of the mountain top, company leaders gave a meaningful birthday party for those employees who were born in July.

Still, the road down was long. Actually, it was raining heavily when we almost arrive the foot of the mountain. Thanks for the preparation of rain proof tools, we luckily escape getting wet in the rain. All along the way back, birds sang, wind browed, we happily enjoyed the journey. Not too long then the rain stop, the sunshine appeared, like a warm hand caressing the earth.

To protect the environment, every one of us carried a garbage bags. We used the bags to take the rubbish away, it was view and photos that we took, and it would never be rubbish that we left.

 Before we head back to the city, the company family had a big meal in a village yard at the foot of Mountain Song. We talked and made fun, enjoyed the last part of our activity.

The enterprise and win-win situation lies in its people. In the group of Junty, we hold our dreams and enthusiasm, and we feel the power of the family. Industrious is worthy. Today we make it true to stand on the mountain of 2198.388 meters, and the next height will come to us soon. Let us be together and grow up. Let us make a contribution to the advancing of Junty Industries.