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Junty 2012 spring outing

Junty held the 2012 annual spring outing from 25 to 26 May 2012.

At 15 o'clock on the 25th May, led by the company leader Deng Yuan and Liu Ying, a team of 36 started off from the company to the destination – La Ba Gou Men Forest Park, Huai Rou District. Along the way, someone playing the game, listening to the comic, enjoying the beautiful scenery along the travel… Unknowingly, we arrived at the Summer Cool Palace Resort.

After arrangements for accommodation and eating in farmhouse restaurant, it was an important event arrangement: stargazing. Because of the low temperature on the mountains in the evening, some of my colleagues were covered with a quilt. Away from the city, there was no dust haze and light, it was found that the vast sky, yet there were so many bright stars. We stared at the sky, the sky deep blue black background, accompanied by bright stars, so perfect. I had never seen such a beautiful starry sky! We were excited with the indication of star pen to identify the constellation of the sky: the Milky Way, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Polaris ... a meteor across the sky, everyone excitedly called up, forgot that the chill of the mountains and chilly.

We held the other important event – Mountain Climbing on 26th,May. When on peak, although everyone exhausted but relaxed completely… Enjoying the beautiful scenery and took photos for memory.

 At noon, we made picnic in the scenic area, sharing food prepared and came with every variety of garbage included in the prepared garbage bag.

In the Afternoon, on the road to return the Tang river, the company arranged for all rafting activities. Working in pairs, wearing a lifejacket race from the starting point, fast-flowing at the canoe was thrown on thrown, each team with the two complement each other, struggling oars, and strived to maintain the direction of the canoe. Fighting hero character mid-stream, we felt exciting and happy. Reach the drifting a little slow before the end of some of the river, playing water fights, forget the hot, forgot the breathtaking blue sky valley, cheering heartily.

The event was prepared richly in content. It is not only to enrich the amateur life of Junty staff, relaxed mood, more importantly, to promote feelings of colleagues, and enhance the cohesion of the company, each employee can be fully aware of the Junty company bringing us joy and happiness .