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12Th Anniversary Ceremony of Junty Industries.,Ltd. Was Celebrated Successfully

    In 8th and 9th Jan,2012, Junty Company held the annual conference and the 12Th anniversary ceremony in Changping District, Beijing. All staff came together reviewing the past and looked into the future. The event was composed of three sections: annual work summary conference, annual evening party and outdoor collective CS game.

The conference was hosted by HR executive Manager Ms.Dong Yue. At first, Vice general manager Ms.Liu Ying made a report "Pursuit for Excellence 12 Years" in the beginning, conference demonstrated Junty's development, remarkable events and achievement within 12 years since 11th,Jan,2000 up to now. General Manager Mr.Deng made a speech in which reviewed the common effort of all staff, Junty successfully met all business indicators in 2011. In addition, Mr.Deng also analyzed each department's contributions in company's whole operation system and expressed praise to all staff's efforts, especially in winning new development resource and maximumly providing service to clients. Manager.Deng also pointed out that the work of 2011 was not perfect enough yet and still had some shortcomings to improve. So he called for all staff to try their best to reach more achievement in 2012. Next, every representative of departments made detailed speech also communicated with one another, then sketched the blueprint for the work in 2012. 

    The annual work summary conference was solemn and hot where all staff were encouraged and most of them promised that they would make their best effort for Junty's operation and realize the common development of Junty and themselves.

After the annual conference, all were seated together and held wonderful evening party. Aiming at showing staff's talent and skill and enjoying together the joyful time, the HR executive department planned elaborately the programs for the party. They put on the dance, two-man act, comic dialogue, guitar playing and singing on the types of program are various and each one is splendid. Among them, the funny yakitoui dance play, chorus sing in praise of homeland programs won much applause and cheers, at intervals, lottery activity lifted the joyful atmosphere to the peak.


Next day, the outdoor CS game formally was started. In the beginning, most of staff were a little bit of disacquaintance, but quickly were engaged the game completely. Each one played as a well-trained soldier, while hiding behind the shelter wall, rushing fast out to implement counter attack, running promptly, but the rivals had already aiming at them… The game lasted 3 hours and each one felt the power of team and team spirit was strengthened.

The success of Junty 12Th anniversary ceremony can not only showed spirit of endeavor, innovation and enthusiastic attitude of staff, but also activated further the passion and cohesive force. We firmly believe that Junty will step to brilliant future.