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Junty company donates for Public Welfare Project -Love of earth, Mother Water Cellars

    On 17 th August,2011, Junty company sent donation 25,000 RMB to Public Welfare Project "Love of earth, Mother Water Cellars" through the CWDF (China Women's Development Foundation), with the aim to solve the problem of drinking water for more than 120 students and teachers of Shangzhuang elementary school in Mapo village Yuzhong County of Gansu province.

    Meanwhile, all Junty staff also donated thousands RMB to show their kindly heart to the elementary school, the sum of money will directly be handed over to Shangzhuang elementary school, Mapo village for life or school supplies use.

    Junty keeps the high sense of social responsibility and superexcellence corporate culture from the establishing the year 2000 , and made many public donations and the grant donations for the impoverished university student, therefore, established good corporation social image.

The certificate of public donations - by CWDF (China Women's Development Foundation)