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The 10th anniversary celebration of Junty

    2010 marked the date that Junty Industries was established 10 years ago, so we held a wonderful celebration in Feb-6 at a beautiful garden, which is named the “wine fazenda”.

    The celebration included 2 parts: conference and party. At that noon, all the staff came to the conference in formal wear. Brian, our managing director, let us go to the impressive stages of distinguished experience and growth in the passed decade, and then, prospected on the entire proceeding and development in the year 2011. Everybody participated in the discussion at the conference actively, and indicated their decision of unremitting working for the flourishing future of Junty.

    In the evening party, all the staff demonstrated performance which was prepared by themselves. Brian directed the “Lucky Draw” and distributed the New Year (Spring Festival) gift to everyone. The party has continued in the joyful atmosphere until the midnight.

    Next morning, all the people went to skiing and enjoyed the relaxed time. The celebration completed perfectly.