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The company is certified to ISO 9001:2000 quality management system by Lloyds Register

     Junty Industries, Ltd. is committed to providing high quality sealing products and accessories to fluid machinery. The products have been distributed all over the world successfully, and the customers are spread out in Europe, North America, Central & South Aemrica, Asia Pacific and Middle East, etc., after years of unremitting efforts by the company. The company is equipped with a group of young and highly qualified talents. Thanks to the joint efforts of such a high efficient and professional team, the company keeps growing, and the business scope has gradually expanded to the fields such as sales of machineries, equipment, electronic & electronic products, and sales agency of relevant industrial products.

     In order to provide customers across the globe with better products and services, the company welcomed world renowned certification body, Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, to conduct the quality management system assessment according to ISO9001:2000, in year 2005.The company established an ISO9001 task force, and mobilized all employees to actively involve in the verification work, seriously studying and discussing the requirements of ISO9001:2000.With the hard work of all the staff, planning and compiling of quality management system and documents were successfully finished in a short time. After the trail operation of the system, we taking into account suggestions from Lloyd's experts during the stage 1 assessment, made corresponding corrective actions and further perfected the system. At the end of 2005,experts from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance performed on site assessment and reviewed our quality management system, and they gave a high opinion of the system as well as its running status.The company obtained certificate successfully from LRQA.

     Along with the ISO9001:2000 quality management system verification, awareness toward quality has been greatly enhanced among all the employees, and they integrate the customer focus concept into their daily owrk. To make continual improvement, emphasis has been giving to quality of products and services. customer's satisfaction, etc. With the penetrating of the PDCA concept, all the employees come to hold more serious attitudes towards planning, implementation, check, feedback at work, from customer's enquiry, ordering, and delivery of goods, to after sales service. With all the work being performed under proper control, the company tries his best to provide customers with highly advanced, quality,and reliable products and good services.

     During the assessment process, experts from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance conducted the verification with due attention and maintained their high standards. The suggestions they put forward could always hit the point, and were very helpful, which, together with their outstanding work performance, impressed us a lot. We will take the approval of ISO9001:2000 verification as a new starting point, and will follow the requirements of quality management system, while sticking to the quality policy:"Quality-Our Lifeline; Innovation-Our Way to The Future." We are convinced that , with the help from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, the management on the company will be more well organized, quality of the products and services, as well as customers' satisfaction continuously improved, and business performance constantly enhanced. We are in the hope that the guiding principles of ISO9001 will help more and more enterprises to become successful.